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Why more and more people are using a VPN?

Posted on March 29, 2013 @ 2:22 pm

You maybe traveling often and be willing to regularly connect to the Internet to book your next hotel, communicate with your loved ones or post pictures on Facebook?

If you travel in China, Vietnam, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and other countries, you will encounter cyber censorship. There are different types of censorship, but in general, it means that a government blocks your access to a site from its territory. So if you are in China, you cannot simply access to Facebook and Twitter, as their URL is simply blocked.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will allow you to have an encrypted connection between your computer and a server located in a geographic area which is not affected by censorship. It is safe and easy to use: it only takes a few minutes to install a VPN. So you can freely surf the web, as if you were based in United States, Germany or England. This type of secure connection costs only a few dollars per month and offers excellent comfort for surfing the web.

You have probably already used a free Wi-Fi access in a hotel or at an airport to book your next hotel. This type of open Wi-Fi is the ideal place for a hacker who wants to intercept a password or bank personal code ... With a VPN, your data is encrypted, making it much harder for cybercriminals to intercept it.

With a VPN, you can also take advantage of geolocation: as your computer will show that you are connecting from another country, and since comparator websites operate on the geolocation principle, you can often find cheaper plane tickets and hotel rooms.

Finally, a lot of content on the Internet is only accessible depending on the location from where you connect online (national TV channels, videos ...), which makes it even more interesting to use a VPN service: if you choose a U.S. IP address, you will not miss the newest series and by selecting a server based in UK or France, you will enjoy all European TV channels.