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New free VPN - Canada's Best Free VPN.

Posted on August 3, 2012 @ 2:25 am

Name: Best Canada VPN

This is the description on their website

We provide free Canada VPN with instant access without registration and purchasing!

Whatever you need secure your WiFi connection when connecting to a public Hotspot, or you want to hide your personal identity when accessing your private financial information from public internet caffee computer, or you need access Canada only web resources like online videso and games, this free Canada based VPN service is your best choice.

Unlike other VPN service, we provide TRUE Free VPN access without submitting any form or providing any email contact info. Just configure the built-in PPTP Client with the VPN login information we published, and then you are ONLINE with 128 bits VPN protection Simple, Easy and Straight Forward!

Be noticed that use this Free VPN connection for any illegal activity is 100% prohibited, in case of abuse the detail VPN access logs will be provided to related authorties when needed.

To use their service you just need to use the following details
PPTP Server:
PPTP Username: free
Password: Visit their website for the password

The service is fine with a few disconnections from time to time. The only problem is you need to check their website for the new password.